EMF Protection Reiki Chakra Malachite&Obsidian Orgone Pyramid

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This Organe pyramid is made of copper coils, gold foil and quartz crystals that are permanently embedded in resin to counteract negative energy. I made the pyramid completely by hand, the details are slightly different, but each picture is as beautiful as the photo, the same size 60 × 60 × 60mm
Orgone's biggest role is to convert negative energy into positive energy. It can absorb the surrounding harmful energy waves, convert them into beneficial energy waves, and then emit them. It promotes the lives of all people, develops into positive energy and increases the frequency of energy. When people have any desire, they must first adjust their energy field. Negative energy can only attract negative events. Only when its own energy field is positive and becoming more stable can it create a positive event to exploit your positive energy rise to develop your proprietary high frequency.
Organic matter in the home can eliminate the harm of low frequency electromagnetic field radiation generated by mobile phones, computers, household appliances, etc. Keep your body and mind in a natural and healthy state. People are happy, safe and content with high vibration frequencies.
The energy field emitted by Orgone is mainly determined by the natural gemstones that make it. Only the most natural mineral gemstones can produce energy. All the gemstones I use are natural minerals. My products undergo any form of mineral component testing

The season beginning in midsummer. Everything is full of vitality, but underground plagues also spread upwards. The pure green of malachite can cover the earth and prevent the rise of evil forces. Ancient In May, the Persians like to sprinkle malachite in the corner of the room to prevent evil from breeding. At the same time, they look forward to eliminating the excess desires that are breeding in their hearts. This couple's relationship and love loyalty are extremely important. The earliest record of the use of malachite comes from ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians like to grind malachite on the skin to treat skin diseases and delay aging. Malachite has natural copper, which can activate the natural antioxidant enzymes in the skin. SOD), so that the antioxidant enzymes in the skin can play the most important role, achieving the purpose of anti-oxidation. Wearing malachite jewelry can slow down the formation of the skin's stratum corneum, thus achieving a delicate and soft skin. The ancient Egyptians also grinded the malachite into a powder and applied it to the ulcerated wound to achieve a healing effect. Therefore, wearing malachite jewelry can absorb the natural energy contained in malachite, and absorb external radiation to reduce skin irritation.
Malachite can help people purify the wheel of the human body, especially the heart wheel and the throat wheel. It has a particularly significant effect on calming the emotions and releasing negative energy. It can also help to treat the disordered body and mind. Massage the temple with malachite to soothe the nerves of the brain and eliminate the scent; gently rubbing the malachite against the chest can heal the intense mood swings caused by fright, depression or intimidation. Whether it is physiological or psychological, it has a good mitigation effect. This is because the malachite stone is named after the goddess of the goddess dedicated to the totem as a peacock, so people think that malachite can drive away evil, invigorate the spirit and defend the peace. Malachite is a symbol of love for couples, so malachite can also be used as a safe stone for travel, and it is a must-have product for out-of-persons and a child's amulet. If the person who is important to you is going to go far , you can quietly put the malachite in your baggage, and bless the journey safely.

Obsidian is the birthstone of July. Obsidian has a strong adsorption energy. After many users' personal experience, it does have a very powerful function of warding off evils, not only avoiding the interference of negative energy, but also removing the suffocating suffocation.
Obsidian corresponds to the bottom wheel, which helps to eliminate fatigue, stress, headache, absorb and eliminate the body's disease and turbidity, quickly restore physical strength, improve weakness and qi deficiency, and enhance vitality and endurance. People with bad luck are mostly turbid. Absorbing the turbidity and conversion of the body can improve luck and enhance the defense ability against the invasion of the alien.
Obsidian is one of the most sparse of all spar. The nearby gas or negative energy can be quickly sucked into its invisible space. It can bring the energy of the human body to the bottom of the sea to relieve discomfort. Obsidian can prevent villains, illness, turbidity, and avoid evil and phlegm. It is a good amulet. People with bad luck wear transvestable gas. Helps sleep and is easy to get into sleep.

I made Orgone myself, using moonlight to purify the gems. Because of the weather, I had to wait for the bright night of the moonlight, so I made orgone Within 7 days and sent them. But it won't last more Than 10 days

***We provide customized and private customizing.You can tell me what you need by information.***

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EMF Protection Reiki Chakra Malachite&Obsidian Orgone Pyramid
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