5AAAAA High Quality Natural Sri Lanka Moonstone Bracelet 8-9mm

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Moonstone has always been regarded as a gift given by the moon god to human beings. In the legendary moonlight, wearing moonstone can meet the lover of the past life, attracting a romantic love like moonlight. Therefore, it is called "Lover Stone". The soft moonstone exudes a romantic atmosphere and is the best thing for lovers to exchange and exchange. Moonstone corresponds to the sun wheel and plays a positive role in the solar plexus, enabling people to see themselves more easily and has a soothing effect on physiological pain. Moonlight also mediates the role of hormones in women, balances endocrine, and is beneficial to pregnant women and lactating women, so it is suitable for pregnant mothers.
Moonstone wears best when it is full moon, which enhances people's perception and supernatural power. Emotionally, it is said that the white moonstone has a deep emotional healing function, which makes people calm and wise, calms the fluctuations of emotions, and restores the inner peace.

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5AAAAA High Quality Natural Sri Lanka Moonstone Bracelet 8-9mm
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