5A Natural Tiger's Eye Stone Male/Female Bracelet

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Name:Tiger's Eye Stone Bracelet

Material:Natural Tiger's Eye Stone


Internal perimeter:17CM

Tiger's eye stone has super energy of aura and memory function. It is used as a magic weapon in various religions around the world to pray for blessings, ward off evil spirits, practice, cultivate one's body, make offerings to the Buddha, and make wishes. Furnishings for enterprises, homes, and personal wear can be used to invigorate and protect the house, attract wealth and transport, and protect yourself from evil spirits. Its purity and magical power is a spiritual legend that cannot be said by the Buddha. Therefore, to bond with the tiger's eye stone is a convenient way to cultivate blessings and wisdom, attract wealth, and ward off evil and protect peace.

Tiger Eye has a calming and tranquilizing effect, can stabilize heart rate and blood pressure, improve insomnia, delay aging, enhance immunity, and achieve the effects of health and fitness. Through scientific instrumental analysis, tiger's eye stone contains many trace elements such as selenium, zinc, cobalt, copper and other components. The natural treasure of tiger's eye stone can stabilize emotions, remove distracting thoughts, increase wisdom, and eliminate worries and karma during the process of human contact. Restoring physical and mental balance can help increase determination and creativity. It is inspiring to make progress.

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5A Natural Tiger's Eye Stone Male/Female Bracelet
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