5A Natural Rainbow Eye Obsidian Male/Female Bracelet

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Name:Rainbow Eye Obsidian Bracelet

Material:Natural Obsidian


Internal perimeter:17CM

***The above dimensions are measured manually. Occasionally +0.3mm -0.3mm is normal due to measurement methods and tools***

Rainbow-eyed obsidian has very powerful energy, and it has the effect of preventing evil and evil spirits; it is usually very effective to wear rainbow-eyed obsidian in places with heavy energy such as hospitals and cemeteries. Its magnetic field energy is very absorbable and can be used for human body The negative energy brought back is absorbed;

Rainbow eye obsidian is especially suitable for people who also change to work or who often walk at night. It can turn bad luck and avoid bad things up close; it is an excellent amulet and evil spirit;

The energy of rainbow eye obsidian can also strengthen blood circulation in the body and improve the symptoms of weak and qi deficiency; in addition, it is very helpful for friends with poor sleep quality. wearing rainbow eye obsidian can treat insomnia and improve sleep quality;

Rainbow eye obsidian can enhance vitality, restore physical strength and spirit. For people who often use their brains and work at night, wearing rainbow eye obsidian can restore refreshing vitality and quickly enter the busy and busy work of the next day; For women, wearing rainbow-eyed obsidian can prevent the interference and invasion of bad opposite sex and improve luck;

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5A Natural Rainbow Eye Obsidian Male/Female Bracelet
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