5A Natural Golden Obsidian Male/Female Bracelet

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Name:Golden Obsidian Bracelet

Material:Natural Obsidian


Internal perimeter:17CM

Golden obsidian and obsidian are volcanic glass stones, originating from the rapid solidification and hardening of rock flows and debris from volcanic eruptions. It uses glass as the basic component, with iron ore component attached, and another variant is snowflake obsidian with potassium flat crystals. According to the type of iron-bearing rock, the color can be black, dark gray, red or brown. It can be used as the best accessory to ward off evil spirits and protect the body.

The only difference is that the "eyes" of the obsidian are golden, like a layer of golden sand, radiating from the inside of the beads. There are layers of red clouds surrounding the golden sand, which are very beautiful, and this newly mined material, The output is very small and more precious than obsidian. If the "color eyes" of obsidian are implicit, then the "golden eyes" of obsidian are passionate and unrestrained.
It can be said that he belongs to the obsidian family. But its eyes are not exactly the same as those of Obsidian. Its eyes are made up of sand-like gold dots. The choice of eyes includes round eyes, cat eyes, single eyes, and double eyes. Both eyes are more expensive than single eyes, which is normal.
Another feature of this kind of golden obsidian is that it attracts fortune. The black primary color is extremely warding away from evil spirits, and it can strongly dissolve negative energy. The golden eyes are the effect of fortune. The two are combined to complement each other.

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5A Natural Golden Obsidian Male/Female Bracelet
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