Double Hematite Tiger's Eye Chakra Bracelets 165-215mm

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All products in this store are natural. We polished carefully. Strive to show the natural beauty of crystal. we all know. Natural crystals are defective. But this will not affect the efficacy and beauty of the crystal. And because of these differences, Each crystal is unique.If you have any problem please contact us

The Tiger's eye is regarded by the Indians as the most precious symbol of the holy stone. The ancient Chinese totem is the dragon, and the dragon's most powerful enemy is the tiger. The tiger is considered to be a powerful and awe-inspiring opponent. It is the remains of tigers fighting with dragons in ancient times. Orientals believe that Tiger Eye Stone has awesome power, and that tiger eye stone can prevent depression and physical and mental illness, and can inspire people's courage. To enable people to do things consistently, to be able to adhere to principles; to strengthen the vitality of the body, to bring confidence, to fit the person who is not strong and decisive, and to encourage the pursuit of creativity, calm and balance.
The golden color of the tiger's eye corresponds to the sun wheel, and the vital energy like the tiger's eye makes it easier for people to make breakthroughs in their careers. The golden color also corresponds to the umbilical wheel, and the body's discomfort after overeating is re-purified. The function of adjustment can bring warmth to the body. Tiger eye stone is also a symbol of wealth, which helps to attract unexpected wealth.

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Double Hematite Tiger's Eye Chakra Bracelets 165-215mm
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